Classic Children’s Book Club

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A Classic Children’s Summer Book Club with Do Say Give!

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The Do Say Give Classic Children’s Summer Book Club begins June 6th, and our household could not be more excited, lol. Whether you grew up immersed in classic literature and know exactly where to begin with your child or wouldn’t be able to pick a classic out of a line-up and don’t know where to begin, the Do Say Give Classic Children’s Summer Book Club is here to set you and your minis up for a summer of literary fun!

A Solid Literary Foundation

Thanks to my mother, I grew up immersed in classic literature from a young age and, as a young mother, assumed my girlfriends had, as well. I’ll never forget the blank stare that met me one day years ago, as I was chatting early childhood literature with a dear friend and mentioned that Pollyanna had been one of my favorites. “Jenny,” my friend said, “I’ve never heard of Pollyanna and just  didn’t grow up reading classic literature. Where do I even begin with my own children?” It was such a moment for me, (and my girlfriend), as we realized so many young mothers had not been exposed to classic literature growing up and would now have to go it alone as they sought to lay a solid literary foundation for their own children.

Antique Steiff Lamb

Sweet antique toys such as this can be hard to come by, but we were able to find and link the Steiff Lamb!

Summer Book Club

Join Do Say Give’s Classic Children’s Summer Book Club here!

Foxy the Fox

Bunnies by the Bay stuffed animals have been one of our children’s favorites for as long as I can remember. Foxy linked!!!

ENTER: Do Say Give

ENTER: The Do Say Give Classic Children’s Summer Book Club!!! No matter how much you know about classic children’s literature, (or how much you know you don’t know, lol), Do Say Give’s Classic Children’s Summer Book Club will give direction and help organize summer reading, crafts, and activities for children ages 2-10 (…and beyond!!!) into a cohesive plan. In addition to coordinating crafts and activities designed to make classic literature come alive, the weekly book list for this summer is OUTSTANDING and was so nostalgic to look through. Our boys were excited to reminisce about titles they had read, and I was excited to see their interest sparked by titles they had not, lol. 


We are so excited to begin Do Say Give’s Classic Children’s Summer Book Club with our boys on Monday, June 6th, and hope you will join us! Can’t start Monday? That’s ok! You can join anytime over the summer and go at your own pace. The cost is only $24.99, and you will receive:

  • A master curated list of books for ages 2-10
  • A 6-week reading and activity list with simple, enriching, screen-free activities to help your child make connections with the books they read.
  • Parent education videos from Book Club organizers Lee and Jessica, featuring parent support and covering important topics that will help you AND your child all throughout their educational career!
  • Suggestions for picture, early reader, and chapter books.
  • Take 20% off with code TALLWOOD20 at checkout for a limited time!!!
  • ENJOY!!!

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