Enchanted by Lillou

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An enchanting look at the romantic collections of Lillou. 

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The aesthetic of the bygone era is having a moment in both the worlds of interiors and fashion, albeit, quite uniquely. With the rise of grandmillennial interiors on the one hand, celebrating classic vintage interiors a lá Jackie Kennedy, and the rise of cottagecore fashion on the other, celebrating styles hearkening back to the Regency era of Jane Austen, we are witnessing quite the meshing of worlds, but of lovely worlds, so perhaps it all works out in the end, lol?!

Effortlessly Feminine

Enter, the enchanting world of Lillou, featuring the sorts of effortlessly feminine silhouettes and details Jane Austin would have been proud of. I, for one, had the loveliest time channeling my alter-ego for this one, and have made the surprising discovery that she is very possibly the outgoing leading lady of a period drama — Who knew, and wondering if I should let her take over here more often, lol?! This particular style is The Jane, from Lillou’s lovely Movement No. 2, a collection inspired by the romance and understated elegance of the Regency Era. The entire collection is breathtaking and sure to bring out the alter-ego in you!

Jane Lounge Dress

The Jane was created for lounging on a crisp winter day and features the most thoughtful of details.

Mon Petit Jane Dress

Match your mini with the Mon Petit Jane Dress!

The Holly

The Holly features a whimsical Chinoiserie print adorned with velvet trimmings.