Make Way for Ducklings

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When Brooke Giannetti welcomed Pekin ducks to Patina Farm, I was immediately smitten and hopeful that we would one day welcome our own flock to Tallwood. The property is home to a lovely acre of woods containing a shaded pond, and what are ponds for, if not to serve as an idyllic habitat for our sweet feathered friends?!

Daily Dose of Duckling Joy

While we have now been duck keepers for many years, it was only after the Covid-19 Pandemic hit in the spring of 2019 that something very special happened. 

Quite miraculously, the beginnings of the pandemic that spring just happened to coincide with the arrival of our spring ducklings. Because ducklings can easily drown and aren’t quite strong enough to figure things out in larger bodies of water themselves, our farm sink has always been their training ground. On a whim, we shared a video of them taking their first “dip” in the sink and were absolutely overwhelmed by the response as the video went viral, all over the world.

We now look back with gratitude to the joy our sweet ducklings brought to us, and to so many around the world, during what was a most difficult season. It just so happened that this small “dose of joy” was just what the doctor ordered, and we received with absolute delight messages from frontline workers, hospital rooms, and homes under lockdown across the globe sharing the joy and momentary laughter these sweet ducklings had brought to rather bleak days. One of my favorites came early one morning and read, “Hi there! I’m in the UK and saw your ducklings in the newspaper this morning and just had to check out your feed!”

Bow Cocktail Napkins

Lovely beginnings with this sweet set of Bow Cocktail Napkins via the Isla Simpson x Rebecca Udall collaboration.

Pretty Linens

There’s nothing like Pretty Bow Linens to dress up a table, and this lovely set via Isla Simpson for British-based brand Rebecca Udall is a dream!

Little Bow Peep

Celebrating all the bows with this pretty little Bow Napkin Ring via for those pretty linens!

While We Were Sleeping

Additionally, we became quite “fluent” with the Translation App and enjoyed waking up to see which time-zones our ducklings had visited, “while we were sleeping.” Lots has happened since that week in the spring of 2020 when we shared the first of what would be many duckling videos — Our sweet ducklings now appear quite often in magazines, social media brand campaigns, and more; and the rest, as they say, is history.